Dan Stiles

One Thing Leads to Another
Pencil vs Pixel is where creation meets creators. A podcast and resource for artists to share the process, the principle and the payoff in doing what we do.

Christopher Salomone

Woodworker, Designer
"You can’t create luck. All you can do is be ready for the luck when it comes your way."

Melissa Buchanan, Little Friends of Printmaking

Illustrator, Designer
"Don’t ask for permission and then also if you’re going to pursue something, truly pursue it and be as tenacious as possible."

Meg Robichaud

Illustrator, Designer
“Don't be so intimidated by the design community. They Definitely look really big and scary and everybody knows each other... I think before you know it, you'll be friends with everyone too” 
"If you can combine the rhythm with the emotion of the first marks on the page, then you have something really special. It’s like a piece of you that you’re able to share in a way that people can observe and soak up instantly. "
— Jon Contino
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